About us

The beginning of cooperation of the Restaurant Bar Przystań owners is associated with the year 1991, when they met and began running a shared business activity. It was a year of great changes in Poland, both political and economic.   In the spring of 1992, they rented a modest economic building of the former Fish Centre, with a purpose of running a small catering pub, which was to run only in the summer.   Both men had no idea how to name the place, and since in the previous summer season the building was called Wirus, they changed one of the letters, and thus the name WIBUS was formed.   Preparation of the building took a lot of work. However, youth and will overcame all obstacles and this is how the premises were prepared with their own hands. At first, sales included only soft drinks, candies and pizza. The homemade pizza on thick, yeast dough was baked in a furnace of their own design and production. Customers really liked its taste; however more and more people suggested that they would like to eat freshly prepared FISH, bought from fishermen "next door".   The first fish were fried on a regular frying pan taken from their home, on a gas cylinder, such as people usually take on a camp. Soon, however, the capacity of this pan became insufficient and a used fryer, in which six flounders were fried at one time, was bought. From the very beginning, the owners have paid much attention to freshness of fish and oil in which they were fried. They worked out their own blend of spices and herbs, which was used to richly season fish to make its flavour was unique.   After several weeks, the owners noted that customers preferred to buy fish, rather than pizza. This is how they decided to change the leading assortment of dishes. Fish became a specialty of the bar on the fishing harbor.   This place was amazing. However, it was only associated with the favourite place of local drunks and an unpleasant smell, and seemed to be forgotten by Sopot.   Nevertheless, the location was so unique - on the beach, on the banks of the waters of the Gulf of Gdansk, next to the Sopot “fishing harbour" - it gave... hope for the company's development, the future Restaurant Bar Przystań.   Season '92 was successful for both partners and they decided to continue their activity in the following year. They even had greater enthusiasm for work, new ideas which they implemented in the summer season of '93. The former logo of the Fish Centre was substituted with the logo of the Restaurant BAR PRZYSTAŃ with a characteristic light blue passing wave.   This season contributed to further development of fish processing methods and new machines were bought. The Bar's specialties were simple, but very tasty, because they were fresh, served nicely and simple. Many customers remember a delicious salad made from fresh cabbage to this day.   The Restaurant Bar Przystań began gaining more and more enthusiasts and fish lovers. It became a haven for locals and tourists. The "Garden for Clients" with  newly planted flowers was already bustling and cheerful. Favorite music of customers were the hits of A-HA and Depeche Mode.   When sitting in that garden and enjoying the taste of fish and the view of the sea, it was easy to notice the ugly public chalet building, which was next door. It irritated both clients and the owners of the Restaurant Bar Przystań. It had been closed for many years, not renovated, smelly. Once it served sunbathers, but after that its design was scary. Then, one of the owners came up with an... idea. The idea seemed crazy, but he wanted to take advantage of that building.   When in the summer of 1993, a well-known Sopot architect Bruno Wandtke entered the Restaurant Bar Przystań, the owners showed him their plan. From the very beginning, Mr. Bruno was full of admiration for the perseverance and the consequences of both men's actions. Because they were stubborn, an idea was formed from their dreams - an idea to change the building into a fish bar with panoramic terraces facing the sea. The architect made a design of an unusual bar, reflecting the already known historical buildings of Sopot, such as the Southern Baths in Sopot.   When in November 1993, the Municipality announced a tender to get rid of the unwanted building - the public chalet - the tender bid made by the partners and the previously prepared project by Mr. Bruno, became a fact of winning.   What happened after winning the tender!? The business environment made fun of the two men who bought ,,a pig in a poke". Everybody said they could not cope with the building because they did not have enough imagination to adapt it in any possible way!   But the great strength of will, desperation, fortitude and a dream contributed to the fact that immediately after winning the tender, the gentlemen started working on the place. There was a very cold winter, and inside the unheated building, the partners started hard, physical work. At first, they made everything themselves. It was not until spring, when they started masonry and carpentry works and began to hire subcontractors. Bricklayers, steel engineers, carpenters, and roofers had to hurry, because the goal of both men was to open the new bar in the season of '94. Someone would say that it was not possible, but... After seven months of hard and intensive work, a new Restaurant Bar Przystań was opened. This was precisely on the 22 July 1994.   According to a traditional style, the new facility was equipped with a tall, "red" roof with a turret and a large veranda facing the sea. The old chalet has ceased to haunt with its appearance. It was completely rebuilt and served as a base of the Restaurant Bar Przystań to which new cubic capacity was added. The building success was so great that the aforementioned mockers - businesspersons began to envy the two men.   The appearance of the Restaurant Bar Przystań on the gastronomic map of Sopot became a real event in the years 1994 -1995. A brief season of '94 compensated for the incurred costs to build the place to a small extent, but it gave great satisfaction that impossible is possible!   The Restaurant Bar Przystań became a year-round restaurant, much to the delight of the residents and guests of the Tri-City. Pizza baking lasted until the end of '94, then, due to a long time of pizza preparation and little interest it was no longer served. The Restaurant completely changed over to fish frying and baking. A special oven, in which they were fried, was bought. Thanks to the oven, fish were not burned anymore; they were golden, brown and well done. Even then, vegetable oil used to fry fish was filtered. The first long queues for fish were not evidence of a lack of preparation of the staff, but of great interest of customers in tasty fish. Limited processing capacities of fish, as well as employment of staff are due to an insufficient (as necessary) capacity of a building, with which the two men have been struggling to this day. As a rule, they do not to fry fish "for storing". Fish cannot wait for a customer - a customer must wait for fish. The time of waiting for food will be definitely compensated by the taste of a hot, crispy fish taken straight from the oven.   Over the years, the Restaurant Bar Przystań has been constantly expanding. There is always something new being created. There are extensive terraces with windows to protect from the wind. The Bar Przystań Cafe has been opened (which is located exactly in the same place where they started their activity - the Bar Wibus). The Cafe is connected to the Bar Przystań with a so-called connector, joining these two buildings together. In the summer period, to speed up customer service, sale of baked fish and delicatessen are run on the lower terrace. What is more, drinks and ice cream are sold there. The upper terrace has a small Bar Przystań WIDOK. Customers can also buy there soft drinks and ice cream, and enjoy the view of the sea, which cannot be forgotten.   A hit in 2001 was baking of fish in the oven using a completely fat-free method. This is possible thanks to a special pressure oven, which dispenses moisture and air temperature on its own. Fish baked in such a way do not lose their nutritional values, and since they do not "float" in fat, they are not soaked in extra calories. This is a dietetic hit!   Works on the attractiveness of the interior are still being conducted to make customers feel better. The area around the bar has been developed, the sand dunes. The fountain of Neptune - the king of the seas - has been built and a new entrance to the upper consumption terrace has been added. It offers a unique view on the Gulf of Gdansk.   In the immediate vicinity of the restaurant, a fishing shrine "Oh happy return" was founded in 1999 on the initiative of the architect Bruno Wandtke, who was its designer. According to Priest Archbishop Tadeusz Gocłowski, it is the most beautiful shrine on the Polish coast. The appearance of the fishing pier has also changed which was rebuilt and modernized in 2007.   Despite the relatively distant location - the Restaurant Bar Przystań is ”bursting at the seams". A relative ease of access by car, many residents and vacationers walking outside, perfection of fish dishes with the Bar's specialty - Fisherman's soup - makes the Restaurant a great place for customers, whose number is rising. The kitchen facilities and the cooling system have been recently modernized. The system for receiving orders and their implementation has been changed as well. New meals and a new management system have been introduced.   Numerous newspaper articles about the Restaurant Bar Przystań written in a rather positive context are a reward for the effort and hard work. The local authorities have also noticed the Restaurant; this is why the jubilee celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the city of Sopot were started on 9 March 2001 with a live broadcast of "Kawa czy Herbata" TV program from the Restaurant Bar Przystań.   Clients can enjoy an amazing panoramic view from the Orłowski Cliff, through the Sopot pier with the marina to the pier of Gdańsk and further to the Port of Gdańsk. When the visibility is good, you can see Hel and the Hel Peninsula. In the evening, you can admire unique and romantic sunrises and the sky flowered with stars. The stars are even more apparent at the seaside.   White fleet ships, passenger ferries, merchant ships, numerous sailboats and windsurfing boats entering the port, and performances of winter swimming enthusiasts - all this is visible from the windows and terraces of the Bar Przystań.   Moreover, a great attraction is to observe the work of Sopot fishermen, the moment of their return from fisheries and drying of nets. Standing with our back towards the Bar Przystań, on the left side we can see the Sopot pier and on the right side the Gdańsk - Zaspa pier.   When you are in the Bar Przystań, be sure to see the 300-gallon aquarium with aquarium fish. Observation of life in the water makes us relax and rest, and it is an interesting lesson for the youngest ones.   For those, who wish to return to the achievements of civilization, there is a TV corner, where you can watch TV on a huge 60-inch screen. We offer a package of CYFRA + (information, sports and entertainment programs).   The interiors of the property have a sea-fishing atmosphere. The leading elements of design are fishing nets and sailing paintings hung on the walls and the ceiling. Original navigation lights: red and green, which are a part of the design, pointed out the direction and path of return to many fishermen. Fishing exhibits, such as floats - glass balls, nets, ropes, anchors, oil lamps from the early 20th century, an original lifebelt, shells, dried fish, and teeth of a sawfish - they all have their own history. They provide the interiors of the restaurant with a unique atmosphere.   The restored consumption hall is characterized by homogeneity with the Bar Przystań Cafe, and the lighthouse, which is a part of the decor, may be a signpost for all guests visiting the Bar Przystań.