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The Chapel ”Oh Happy Return”   June, warm dusk falls over the marina, Far above the horizon the aurora is still glowing, Colours purple water, catches the eyes of people, The screaming of an occasionally awakened gull cuts through the silence.   Fishermen are getting ready, it's time to go to the sea They push the boats, engines can be heard The weather is in their favour, no leaf dares tremble Empty boxes in the cargo are waiting for some fish.   In the middle of the harbour, where hard work is done There is a small chapel with flowers all around Next to it there is a maple, which bends its trunk in storms Among the different flowers there is a flower of rose.   Long is the anchor chain, which was stuck in different sands Which still has salt on it, which covers it everywhere It used to beat with its iron, as it was a kind of a drum Today its situated near the chapel as it was a needles one.   Mighty pine logs buried in the beach sands Are covered with some wood, which is very dry They are tied in a clever manner - creating a beautiful roof Who is often home to birds that sit on it in a row.   Under the roof, in a small niche, there is a sweet scent of flowers A modest figure hides his face with his hand It is Christ as the Man of Sorrows, who sweeps the depths with his sight The Son of God among the fishermen, the fisherman, he is ours.   He watches day and night, if silence is, if wind If the heat of the sun beats down and sweat pours into eyes If freezes from the north, if blows the wind from the Tatras What Baltic sways and a threatening wave creates.   He watches too, when a viscous fog covers the sea What the world squeezes with its veil, obscures the vision He watches too when the breeze weeps in ropes And in the time of the morning dawn, and in time when dusk approaches.   O Jesus the Indefatigable, you count the row of boats So each is still there, no helm will burst no more So each of these fishermen could return to the land You watch the elements of nature, they will not eat these men   Warm, June twilight rises above the harbour A line of boats is returning from the horizon, In the calm water surface the splendour of the dawn is reflected And a new day gets up with the crowing of the cock.   These boats are already here, the decks are full of fish The Christ full of Sorrows is looking far away, The winches are working hard, the gears are very loud Sweat sticks the hair of fishermen, so Christ fells little grief.   The rays of the sun are heating, the roof of the shrine is shining The last engine is silent, when it played some music not long ago All the boats are home, people fear no more Because Jesus provided “Oh Happy Return to all"   Jerzy Piątek Fisherman from Sopot