In the ancient times, fishermen and farmers had a common patron, Isis (half-woman and half-fish), which indicates how widespread was fishery. Fish became a symbol of Christianity and it often appears in the Bible as food. One of the Holy Apostles, Saint Peter, is the patron of fishermen and seafarers. Apart from St. Peter, three of the twelve disciples of Jesus, among others St. Paul, fished as well. Medieval chronicles describe fish as a commodity as precious as honey or animal fur.


Historical accounts show that the old Polish cuisine was famous in Europe for its well-cooked freshwater fish. After World War II, sea fish, whose taste and aroma are more distinctive, were not appreciated by people in Poland. When the whole world was enjoying the taste of fish more and more eagerly, tending towards light and dietetic cuisine, we treated fish as necessary evil or a dish mainly related to fasting. Because fish are very popular in the whole world, regrettably, their prices started to grow obscenely! Today, a good fish costs many times more than a piece of meat. Fortunately, the group of lovers of fish and seafood is increasing. The growing number of restaurants serving seafood proves it.