Fish dishes should be eaten at least 2 or 3 times a week, due to their high nutritional value, as well as high protein content. Depending on the species of fish, the amount of protein ranges from 6g up to 19g/100g. The body assimilates fish protein in 97%.


The best ways to cook fish are steaming, stewing, grilling or baking in a foil. Fish should not be subjected to excessive heat treatment due to the loss of nutritional values and vitamins.


Fish are a valuable source of Omega-3. They have a positive effect on brain functions and memory, lower cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, and have anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour effect.


Few people know that not all fish are healthy. Pangasius should definitely be avoided. It is a fish bred in dirty waters, for example, in Vietnam. The fish are fed with modified food supplemented with hormones, this is why they gain weight very fast and they are very big. Remember that what is beautiful is not always healthy.


Recent studies indicate that sea fish are the most consumed ones in Poland. The most common fish that appears on our tables are herrings and pollocks. We often eat mackerels, tunas and salmons as well.


The average consumption of fish in Europe is 22 kg per year. For comparison, Japanese people eat 60 kg of fish and seafood annually. In Poland, the consumption of fish per year is about 13.5 kg per one person.


We must remember that a dead fish goes bad very fast. The reason for that is the large amount of water. Fish should not be stored in a refrigerator longer than one day. For longer storage, it is recommended to cut and freeze fish.


Fish contain fewer calories than pork or beef. Freshwater fish have fewer calories: 100g fish provides about 25-75 kcal, in comparison 100 g of sea fish provides about 70-115 calories.


Some fish, such as sardines, are rich in calcium, affecting beautiful looks of our nails, our nervous system and normal heart functions. If we want to have beautiful hair, improve metabolism, and body functions, we need to eat fish that are rich in iodine.


A diet rich in fish has beneficial effects on child development in the womb. Children of women who consume fish dishes during their pregnancy are healthier, smarter and more efficient physically.


In order to eliminate the marshy, unpleasant fish odour, for example, carp or catfish, we should wrap a fish in onions and leave it like this for one day, or soak it in milk.


Smoked fish do not require additional culinary treatment. Depending on your taste and preferences, they are eaten with different additives: sauce, bread, vegetables. Fish meat should be sprinkled with lemon juice or lime juice. Smoked fish are often the basis of salads, spreads and snacks.


Interesting facts related to a fish soup:
– Good fish soup is cooked based on several species of fish;
– If we do not want our soup to be murky, we should remove gills of fish and use fillets only;
– Cloudiness of fish soup can be avoided by removing the head of a fish after 25 min of cooking;
– Eyes and gills make soups bitter; this is why they should be removed before cooking.